Breelin is the first planet in Elceroun and the planet that most of Prometheus Lost takes place on. It has six known continents and many Major and Minor Races living on them.



Breelin has five known continents on it, these continents house many different races and creatures upon them.


Montadeir is the main continent of Breelin, it houses most of the planets main races. It is split into five different regions, Central forest, Northern Desert, Eastern Wastelands, Southern Plains, and Western Mountains. The Tabbalan Jungle is also a part of Montadeir, it is a jungle island separated by the Baangle River.


NaanYaak is a large continent made completely of red rock, similar to the landscape of the Eastern Wastelands on Montadeir.NaanYaak is the home of the Orcs, goblins, trolls, and similar creatures, it is considered a cursed land by the Humans, so they avoid going there.


Tellvast is the home of the Dwarves and Gnomes, it is a mass of large islands together off the South-Western coast of the Western Mountains. Legend has it that Tellvast used to be one large island, but in a rage, Hundrick The Hammer Warrior split it into six different island so that the Dwarven clans could live peacefully.


Barradell is a long strip of tropical land, located North of Montadeir. There was a long war waged for it called the "War of Barradell" between the Alliance of Virdus and the Orcish Armies because of it's rare resources and tactical location. The Alliance of Virdus eventually won the war, trade ports were set up, and the population boomed because of the many opportunities.,


Irradeim is a large snowy continent, west of the other continents, across the forgotten sea. Until around Century 31 Year 72, there was no way of proving Irradeim's existence, but with the coming of the Steam Era, and new steam powered ship, scholars and explorers were able to find it.