The Desert Elves hail from the Northern Desert region. Because of the Desert Elves generally fun culture, they aren't taken very seriously among the other races, but a Desert Elf warrior can make a very worthy adversary. The Desert Elves are known as the father elves, because they are direct descendants of the Montadier. The Mountain Elves resent them for this reason, and many others reason, such as how they don't take life seriously.

History Edit

The Montadier, the first land dwelling Elves put on Breelin, were first placed in the desert that would later become the Northern Desert region.

During the beginning of the Era of Man, a group of Montadier broke off from the main tribe and traveled South into the forest region. This group stopped and settled into the area, but for some, the forest wasn't good enough. A third group split from the forest dwelling Montadier and headed further South or South West. It is believed that this third group crossed either the Forgotten Sea, settling in Irradeim, or crossed the Bloodied Sea, settling in Naan-Yaak. The original desert dwelling Montadier later became the Desert Elves, the forest dwelling Montadier became the Forest Elves, and the third group that crossed the sea became Maho-Satori and later, the Mountain Elves.

After the five regions were established, and the Montadier Council was created, the Desert Elves claimed the Northern Desert as their home, and the Desert Elf king became the leader of the region.