Klubbin is a popular sport played on Breelin, it is most popular in the Southern Plains.

History Edit

Klubbin was first mentioned around century 20. It was listed in many journals and books under the name Qladen (Elvish for ball) as a game played by soldiers with a leather Nusscier ball and a war club. It was a very popular game played by the soldiers during their free time, and soon became popular among the public. Soldiers began making smaller, softer, leather balls specifically for the game called klub balls, which also became popular.

After many years of soldiers and children playing the game, the game became popular enough for King Awlsomann to allow an organized game to be played in the StoneWall arena. The game only became more popular from there.

Rules of Play Edit

The game is started when a Jaqquil is tossed in the air, the captains of each team pick head or back, the team that wins the coin toss picks whether they Club or Pitch first. For this example, team 1 will be the pitching team and team 2 will be the clubbing team. The pitcher for team 1 goes up to the pitching line in the middle of the field and pitches the klub ball. The pitcher can start his pitch anywhere from the point line to the pitching line, if he crosses either one it counts as a point for the clubbing team. The clubber has four chances to hit a pitched ball, if he misses all the pitches he is out and another clubber from team 2 is sent out. If the clubber hits the ball he must run to the other side of the field and pass the point line to get a point for his team. The fielders of team 1 try to get the clubber out before he can reach the line by throwing the ball at him or touching him with it. The clubber also goes out if the pitcher or any of the fielders catch the ball before it bounces on the ground. The clubber may run back and forth between the point line and the clubbing line as many times as he can before he gets out in one pitch. Whatever side the clubber ends his run on becomes the clubbing line, and the opposite side becomes the point line.

After all the clubbers on the clubbing team are out, the teams switch side, team 1 becomes the clubbing team and team 2 becomes the pitching team.