The Kuronga are a race of intelligent primates that live in the dry plains of Tabbalan. They are known for their large stature, barbaric fighting styles, and skills in the art of intimidation.

Culture Edit

The Kuronga are very primitive race, being one of the last to develop on Breelin. Their culture has been described as a primitive Orcish culture.

There are many Chieftains controlling many clans across the plains, and they are always fighting for this privilege. In every clan the Chieftain is the only male allowed to mate, so he usually builds a large harem of strong females. In order for the son to take control of the clan , he must defeat the chieftain, his father, in a one on one fight to the death. A none royal male may fight the chieftain for the throne, but the sons of the Chieftain will not let him have it willing, he will usually be ganged up on and killed. He may only have the throne if he survives the ambush.