Montadeir is the main continent on the surface of Breelin, it is split into five different regions, each very diverse and the home of a different race.

It is believed that Montadeir was the first Continent that was placed upon Breelin by the gods. It was the birth place of the Fendool, Montadeir, Humans, and many other races. Although Montadeir is inhabited by many races, the humans lay claim to the continent being their home.

Regions Edit

Montadeir has four different regions, Elwadon Forest, Eastern Desert, Southern Plains, and the Western Mountains. The Tabbalan Jungle is also part of Montadeir, although it is considered neutral territory.

Elwadon Forest Edit

The Elwadon Forestis in the Norther Part part of Montadier, it is the home of the Forest Elves and houses large trees and thick forests. The capital of the Elwadon Forest is Gaujinn, it is the meeting place of the Montadeir Council, a group of all of the leaders in Montadeir.

Eastern Desert Edit

The Eastern Desert is the home of the Desert elves. The Northern side of the desert is filled sandy hills, while the Southern side is almost completely flat. This Eastern Desert is one of the driest regions in Montadeir.

Western Mountains Edit

The Western Mountains regions is filled with snow covered mountain peaks, and mountain passes that are barely passable. This region is home of the Mountain Elves.

Southern Plains Edit

The southern Plains are mostly flat grasslands. Northern side is filled with hills, and it gets flatter as you travel more southward onto the beaches. The southern Plains are home to the Humans and headquarters of the Alliance of Virdus, Church of Virdus, and Guardians of Virdus.

Tabbalan Jungle Edit

The Tabbalan Jungle is a large jungle island North of Montadier, separated only by the Baangle River. It is inhabited by vampiric snake people and their human servants.