The Nagaskii are a race of large snake humanoids that live in the Tabbalan Jungle, North of Montadier. They remained undiscovered by other civilizations for many years, usually sticking to the deep jungles and killing any who entered.The Nagaskii never spent much time hunting or fighting themselves, preferring instead to use their slave forces.

Culture Edit

The Nagaskii have a very slave based culture. They captured large groups of nomadic Human tribes traveling through the jungles and forced them into slavery. The Human slaves, known as Tabbalians, later came to worship their Nagaskii masters, following their every command, devoting their lives to serving them.

The Nagaskii are known as being hostile towards anyone that enters their jungle, killing them or forcing them into slavery.

Language Edit

The Nagaskii and their human slaves speak a mysterious language called Tabbalish. It is a very complicated language that involves many hissing and clicking sounds. The Nagaskii produce the hissing sounds with their long skinny tounges, and make clicks with a specially formed throat. They also use these sounds in warfare, quietly directing troops with a series of hisses and clicks that enemy troops aren't able to identify.