Nusscier is a popular ball game that originated in the Northern Desert as a game played by monks to increase endurance, accuracy, and hone their fighting skills.

How to Play Edit

The game was played with a ball, generally made of leather, two teams of about six people, and two goals, usually small boxes of stone tipped on their sides.

The game would start with a neutral 'Game Warden' tossing the ball in the air between the two teams and both sides trying to get the ball. When someone got the ball it could be kicked, hit or thrown, but not held for more than four counts, the Game Wardens would watch to make sure this time limit was met. The ball was passed between team mates with the intent of getting it in the other teams goal.

The teams would be split up between six players, One goalie, a 'Team Head' that acted as the captain of the team, and four supporting players.