"What are gods really, save an excuse for man to wage war." -Prometheus to Vincent Lust

Prometheus was the dragon of the desert and the Elder Dragon. He was one of the first dragons ever created, first being created sometime during the beginning of the Era of Man. Prometheus avoided interacting with mortal creatures, preferring instead to help them indirectly, which is why he would choose champions among the mortals. Many dragon worshiping religions praise Prometheus as a god among dragons because of the many wise words he has shared, and his great strength.

The Dragon Purge Edit

"Prometheus, I have been waiting for this day!" -Finedannhal to Prometheus

During the Dragon Purge in Century 4 Year 82, the Orcs and the dragon slayer Finedannhal killed most of the dragons on Breelin. Prometheus was one of the few dragons to escape Finedannhal's Dragon Blade, and was one of the dragons to face off with him in his final battle.

Prometheus mostly stayed secluded in his monastery in the Northern desert, so he was able to avoid most of the Dragon Purge. But after some time, the other dragons came to Prometheus for help, and he fought against Finedannhal with the few remaining dragons. Eventually the dragons were taken down, and Prometheus had to take on Finedannhal by himself. Prometheus eventually destroyed Finedannhal, ending the Dragon Purge.