Purgatory is the second planet from Tyrenous in Elceroun. It is a small, grey, rocky planet with three moons: Geilann, Maricoll, and Farucious. Purgatory is home to the Gerrinii: a variety of different demons and deities.

Religion Edit

The majority of religions on Breelin see Purgatory as a place you go if you have not yet been judged after death. While in purgatory you may wait to be judged and placed in either Paradisia or Inferio, or fight past the hordes of Gerrinii and prove yourself worthy to enter Paradisia. The three moons orbiting the planet are known as the Three Guardians of Purgatory, they watch the planet and make sure that no one leaves. In order to leave Purgatory and ascend to Paradisia you must defeat the three guardians.