Spell Casting in Breelin is a special art first created by the Maho-Satori, that transforms Magik, or chi as some cultures call it, in the user body into some kind of manifestation of magic, such as a ball of fire, by uttering a special formation of magic words. Magic words are words from the ancient Maho-Satorin language.

Categories of Spell Casting Edit

Spell Casting is split into four different categories:

Basic Magic- Basic Magic consists of spells that have no real offensive use, but are used more for enhancing the users abilities. Basic spells give users armor, give them more strength, or help the users in many other ways.

Elemental Magic- Elemental spells are offensive spells that give the user control over elements such as fire, water, ice, lightning, and many others. These spells can be used to create balls of fire, or shoot lightning from the finger tips.

Healing Magic- Healing spells can be used to heal the user or others around him. These spells can seal an injured person's wounds or even place magical barriers over a person and those around him.

Draconic Magic- Draconic magic is magic used by dragons to breath fire or harden their scales. This very powerful form of magic was only able to be used by dragons, until a group of mages unlocked their secrets and discovered how to use it. Draconic spells allow the user to breath waves of fire or ice from their mouth, or harden their skin to the strength of dragon scales.