The Dragon Purge began in Century 4 Year 82, and ended Century 4 Year 85. It was an Orcish conquest led by the Dragon Slayer Finedannhal, to kill off all of the dragons on Breelin.


The Dragon Purge took a lot of planning, it was the first Orcish Conquest that would move deep into Montadeir. The Orcs began by building a small army of the most highly trained, highly skilled, highly trusted men to fight against the dragon, and a "Dragon Slayer" to lead them. Finedannhal, one of the strongest Orcish warriors, was chosen by the War Chief, Torag'Banjii, to become the dragon slayer and lead the new "dragon army".

Finedannhal was given a special sword, one made of dragon bones from the dragon Jiindil. Jiindil's skeleton was hung on the ceiling above the war chief, his femur bone was taken and given to the Dwarves. The Dwarves, unaware of the Orcs intentions, turned the bone into a very large sword

Attack on Montadier

The Dragon Purge was the first full on Orcish attack on Montadier. The dragon army