Era of Gods (C:00 - Y:000) Edit

  • Qintuay passes his life to help create life for others. He performs Dao'qua, destroying his body and giving life to the universe and five other beings, the Pentuay.
  • The Pentuay create the Deso-Pentuay, lesser beings mortals would one day call gods.
  • The Deso-Pentuay go on to create their own beings, the Deso-Deso-Pentuay, or mortals.
  • Two Deso-Pentuay, Virdus and Aethus, decide they would like to make children of their own. They create Deso-Deso-Pentuay on the face of an empty planet. The mortals that they create, the Fendool, do not have any water to survive, so they all die.
  • Virdus and Aethus flood the planet, they put more Fendool on the planet, but with too much water, they drown.
  • Virdus and Aethus try once again to make a habitable area for their beings to live. They place land masses over the planet, and put the Fendool in the Southern Plains of Montadier.

Era of Man (C:00 Y:001 - C:03 Y:031) Edit

  • Century:00 Year:001 - The first Humans are put on the Southern Plains of Montadier.
  • Century:00 Year:040 - Aethus begins changing the Teroo Elves in NaanYaak.
  • Century:00 Year:053 - Prometheus brings gifts from the gods down to the mortals or Breelin.
  • Century:00 Year:075 - The Humans make first contact with Fendool tribes in the plains.
  • Century:00 Year:100 - The first battle of the First War takes place as the Humans attack and decimate a Fendool tribe.
  • Century:01 Year:006 - The First war ends with the Fendool being driven far west into the mountains.

God War Era (C:03 Y:032 - C:13 Y:072) Edit

  • Century:03 Year:032 - Orcish Armies Cross the Bloodied Sea for the first time and attack the port city of Low Tide.
  • Century:13 Year:065 - The First God War ends as the Orcs slowly retreat back to NaanYaak

Era of Peace (C:13 Y:073 - C:17 Y:085) Edit

  • Century:13 Year:073 - All of the orcs leave Montadier completely and return to NaanYaak.

Era of Flames (C:13 Y:085 - C:21 Y:002) Edit

  • Century:13 Year:85 - A fleet of Orcish ships return to Montadier and burn down a section of StoneWall. This begins the Second God war.
  • Century:18 Year:005 - The Witch Queen, Tamara Mia, returns to Breelin after centuries of disappearance.

Steam Era (C:21 Y:003 - Modern) Edit